Engineering Services for Structural Analysis to Eliminate Problem

Client: Sansumg Wroclaw
Date Completed: 2018
Scope: Engineering Services
Timeframe: 6 Moths
About this Project: to deliver complete video surveillance systems for schools located throughout the city. Cameras needed to be installed at the entrances, corridors and other common areas of the schools

Objective and Challenge

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Engineering Process

  • Identifying, Analyzing and Installing High Productivity Equipment and Machines
  • Identifying, Analyzing and Utilizing High Productivity Special Processes
  • Developing special purpose machines
  • Installing accessories for productivity improvement
  • Using Jigs and Fixtures
  • Using more productive tools
  • Using new lubricants
  • Using new cutting fluids
  • Cutting parameters optimization
  • Process parameters optimization
  • SMED
  • Machine Work Study
  • Operation Analysis
  • Process Analysis
  • Electric power consumption analysis and reduction
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • OEE improvement

Result Driven

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